Super Beauty


Super Beauty is a powerful, plant-based ingestible beauty formula designed to help you achieve radiant, glowing skin. This unique blend of highly effective ingredients helps to hydrate and plump the skin and support skin moisture, elasticity and the body’s natural collagen production. It also provides ultimate support for healthy, strong, and break-proof nails, while helping you achieve long, luscious locks. Read more

Super Beauty
PBM Light Therapy
PBM Light Therapy

Support your skincare routine with a PBM Light Therapy session. Our full-body PBM pod contains red and near-infrared wavelengths of light to enhance collagen synthesis and leave you with glowing, healthy skin.


Per vege capsule

Extracts equivalent to DracoBelle™ Nu – Organic Moldavian Dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica) dried leaf 1,600mg

NZ Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) fresh berries 10,000mg

Other ingredients

Zinc (as bisglycinate) 7.5mg

Silica 40mg

Hyaluronic Acid 80mg

Biotin 500mcg

60 Vege Capsules