In te reo Māori, the word Hana means to glow and to radiate – which is all we want for you.                

Immerse. Nourish.

Nau mai haere mai. From the moment you step inside our welcoming space, you’ll feel a release and an immediate sense of calm. We have deliberately designed the environment to help you quieten your mind and let go of what’s weighing you down. Your wellbeing is our highest priority.

Our story

How we started

For our founder Sara Higgins, losing her health was the ultimate catalyst for the creation of Hana. A decade working as a pharmacist had given her deep insight into the personal responsibility required for good health. More often than not, she found herself talking with clients about supplements to support a return to wellness.

When her own bone deep exhaustion was diagnosed as a chronic inflammatory response to mould, she found herself taking the business of wellness very personally. To support her body to heal, she learned about the healing power of infrared saunas and red light therapy. And so Hana was born.

Walking into Hana is like walking into a big hug. The space is warm, inviting, calm and has this wonderful energy that sets the mood for your treatment. The staff are exceptional and always welcoming.

Julia M.

I love being able to walk into Hana and feeling immediately calmed. The team provide exceptional service every visit and offer valuable information on the products and treatments available. I would definitely recommend to anyone who believes in self-care and wellbeing.

Brenda L.

Studio spaces

Studio spaces

You come to Hana to let go, to release what no longer serves you, and to nourish and grow what does.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to ensure every aspect of our space contributes to a sense of wellbeing and peace.

It’s a cocoon of calm in a life that can sometimes feel chaotic. Rest is easy here.

The treatments

The treatments

Every Hana offering, whether it’s a treatment or a product, is hand-picked by Sara to help release, replenish and restore your health – to feed your wellbeing so it can flourish into wellness.

Choose from your own private infrared sauna, with or without an ice bath, or a whole body light pod (photobiomodulation or PBM). Or perhaps your body is simply calling for a full body massage. Listen to what it needs; the body is very rarely wrong.

It works

Our Product Ethos

If it’s on our shelves, you can rest assured it works. That’s our bottom line. How do we know? We’ve rigorously research every single thing we represent, and if it doesn’t actively contribute to a meaningful difference it doesn’t make the cut at Hana.

We also work hard to ensure everything is free of toxins and we seek out and support female led New Zealand brands.

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