Contrast Therapy

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Revitalise for 60 minutes in one of our private contrast therapy rooms. This dynamic wellness practice combines the healing powers of an infrared sauna and ice bath, delivering a range of benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


What to expect

Our premium contrast therapy rooms are fitted out with an infrared sauna and an ice bath.

You have 60 minutes in the room and it is your choice how you spend the session, whether you start by heating up in the sauna or taking the plunge in the ice bath.

The infrared sauna is heated to around 70 degrees Celsius and the ice bath is set around 6 degrees Celsius. We recommend to alternate between hot and cold therapy, showering before you get into the ice bath.

Relax in the sauna and listen to one of your favourite podcasts, a meditation or some music on the iPad provided.

Complimentary filtered water with electrolytes is provided. In our treatment rooms you will find organic cotton towels from Baina and Sans Ceuticals skin & hair care.

What are the benefits?

  • An improvement in post-workout muscle rcovery and reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Reduction in pain post-injury by affecting pain receptors and areas of the brain corresponding to pain, providing an anaesthetic effect
  • Detoxification as alternating temperatures create a pumping action to blood circulation and lymphatic vessels helping to flush out toxins
  • The production of heat and cold shock proteins which repair damaged proteins, reduce free radical cellular damage and support the immune system
  • Mental benefits of combining hot & cold may include increased relaxation, better sleep quality, and an improved overall sense of mood.


Introductory Offer

3 Sauna & Ice Baths

New clients only, expires 30 days from date of purchase. Add a friend for $40 extra per session.

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Single Sessions

Sauna & Ice Bath

Add a friend for $40 extra per session.

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5 Sauna & Ice Baths

Save 15%, 3 month expiry. Add a friend for $40 extra per session.

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10 Sauna & Ice Baths

Save 25%, 6 month expiry. Add a friend for $40 extra per session.

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20 Sauna & Ice Baths

$1,400 Buy now

Save 30%, 12 month expiry. Add a friend for $40 extra per session.

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One sauna & ice bath weekly

4 sessions over one month. Auto-charged monthly. Minimum 3 month commitment. Add a friend for $40 extra per session.

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One sauna/ice bath & one PBM light pod weekly

4 contrast and 4 light pods over one month. Auto-charged monthly. Minimum 3 month commitment. Add a friend to contrast for $40 extra per session.

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PBM Light Pod + Contrast Therapy

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Contrast Therapy + 60 min Massage

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1 hour 30 mins

Contrast Therapy + 30 min Massage

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Frequently asked questions

Can I bring a friend?

Yes you can bring a friend. Both of our contrast therapy rooms can accommodate up to two people. We charge an additional $40 per person per session.

What is contrast therapy?

Contrast therapy is the alternating of extremes of hot and cold temperatures. At Hana this involves going between an infrared sauna set at around 70 degrees C, and an ice bath set around 6 degrees C.

What is the difference between concessions and memberships?

  • Concessions come in packs of 5, 10 or 20 sessions are a great option if you want to save money and need flexibility with how often you use the treatments. They have fixed expiry dates of 3, 6 and 12 months respectively.
  • Memberships are our most cost effective option but require a minimum 3 month commitment to come every week. If you are working on a specific health goal, memberships are recommended.

Who should be careful using a sauna & ice bath?

If you have cardiovascular issues, please consult your doctor before using our contrast therapy treatments. Contrast therapy is also unsuitable in pregnancy.

What should I wear?

Our contrast therapy rooms are private so you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, whether that is a swimsuit or nothing at all.

How is the ice bath cleaned?

Our two ice baths have different sanitising systems. For our cedar wrapped tub, we use a dead sea mineral mix and the tub has a self-sanitising system. For our large ice bath, we use hydrogen peroxide.

How long should I spend in the sauna?

We recommend spending 15 to 20 minutes in the sauna, before showering and plunging into the ice bath. Then repeat! You have the session for a total of 60 minutes so play around with what feels best for you.

How long should I spend in the ice bath?

It is up to you how long you spend in the ice bath. We recommend between 1 and 5 minutes, before drying off and hopping back into the sauna.

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