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Mangawhai Honey

Mangawhai Honey is a family business, with sustainability at the heart. With responsible bee keeping practices, and a commitment to support a thriving eco system, founder, Louis, maintains minimal hives on each land block and is regularly re-wilding and planting the land with Natives.

Gut Health & Digestion

A selection of products designed to nurture your digestive system and promote overall gut well-being. Uncover a range of solutions that prioritise the heart of your health—your gut.
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Glow at home with Omnilux

Aging and sun exposure can create unwanted effects on our skin – from wrinkles and pigmentation to redness and uneven texture. Advanced light therapy by Omnilux allows you to treat the visible signs of aging and damaged skin with professional grade technology right from home. Stimulate collagen production for firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Refine skin texture and tone for an effortless glow.

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