Infrared Sauna – Large or Standard

45 mins – includes shower

All intro offers expire one month from date of purchase.

Our Large Sauna offers enough space for you to stretch out or to bring up to 2 friends.

Our Standard Saunas are the perfect size to enjoy some me-time or to share with one other.

Friends can’t be booked in advance, so just turn up with your friend and we will charge you $15 extra per person when you arrive.

Appointments for the Large Sauna start on the hour – please note the large sauna is $5 extra charged on arrival.

Appointments for Standard Room 1 start 15 mins past the hour. 

Appointments for Standard Room 2 start 30 mins or 45 mins past the hour. 

If you can’t find your desired time we suggest checking our other two sauna rooms for availabilities. 

All our treatment rooms are private and your 45 min session includes a shower and our favourite hair and body products from New Zealand based natural skincare brand Sansceuticals to finish off your sauna experience and leave refreshed.

Enjoy the healing benefits of the infrared light by listening to some relaxing music, a podcast or meditation or whatever relaxes your mind. Those 45 mins are just for you and your needs. The perfect opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and find your inner calm.

Water and towels are provided. You can either wear nothing, or a swimsuit if that is more comfortable.

We kindly ask that you are prompt leaving the sauna room after 45 mins so that we can ensure a seamless transition between clients. If you need more time after your session to get ready for the rest of your day, there are bathrooms in the corridor with showers.

PBM Light Pod (Red Light Therapy)

20 mins 

Intro offer expires one month from date of purchase.

The PBM light pod uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to stimulate healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. 

During your 20 mins session you can listen to your own music or podcast or recenter with one of our guided meditations that friends of Hana have specifically created for you. 

You can either wear nothing, or underwear if that is more comfortable, though it is more beneficial to expose your whole body to the healing light.

The wavelengths of the PBM light pod are safe for your eyes so you can keep them open or close them. You can expect to feel a warming sensation surrounding your body inside the pod but unlike to the infrared saunas you won’t get hot or sweat. 

Please note, when booking a double treatment we suggest scheduling your light pod appointment 30 mins prior to your sauna.