Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body. For detoxification to happen properly, the pathways for elimination must be functioning optimally. These elimination pathways include the liver, kidneys, bowel and skin.

When our system is overburdened with toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides, the liver becomes sluggish. Suboptimal liver function can impact our health by reducing our ability to metabolise cellular waste products, hormones and toxins.

Signs of a sluggish liver and a need to detoxify include:

~ skin issues such as itchy skin and eczema

~ fatigue and recurrent headaches

~ digestive imbalances including bloating, constipation, nausea

~ hormonal imbalances manifesting as PMS, irregular cycles and acne

~ body odour

Simple detoxification steps include:

~ Reducing exposure to toxins by eating organic, filtering your water and choosing natural cleaning and personal care products

~ Dry skin brushing and movement to encourage lymphatic drainage

~ Sweating through exercise, Epsom salt baths and sauna bathing

~ Supporting the liver with bitter foods like rocket and dandelion greens, sulphur rich cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower as well as adequate protein intake

Written by Shaz Andrew, Naturopath & Holistic Nutritionist